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About Peony Vodka
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Milerton, NY

Peony Vodka is a subtly flavored spirit born in eastern Hudson Valley, New York. Drawing inspiration from Dutchess County’s varied landscape, sparkling meadows and rushing brooks, stone walls and inviting trails, Peony Vodka was created to celebrate country living. Three Meadows Spirits’ operations take place in a historic 18th century house nestled on a 200-acre farm of hay fields, pastures, woods and luscious rows of peony flowers that burst into fragrant bloom each June.


Enjoying expansive pastures are a group of retired horses and one donkey who live each day contented and well fed under the relaxing shade of sugar maples.

The Peony Vodka team is led by a Stanford-educated attorney who practiced in New York City before raising three sons. In addition to the farm, she tends to the dozen retired horses and a household with two dogs and two cats. Backed by family and friends, and supported by a group of successful and intelligent women, everyone involved with Peony Vodka believes in the spirit as much as they do the ideals behind it.

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