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When Dominio Basconcillos decided to launch its winery project, we looked in the part of the Ribera region that has the longest wine making tradition. It was here that the Benedictine monks introduced grape growing around their monastery and taught wine making, and where the most extreme microclimatic conditions are found and can be used to obtain fruit with more intense flavour and aromas. 


Located in a privileged location as it is the municipality of Gumiel de Izan, noble historical past and wine-producing tradition, the vineyards of Domino Basconcillos cover the smooth and extended slopes that draw the Ribera del Duero geography. Wines and cellars are inside the property with and area of 50 ha. and situated 1.000 meters above sea level, forms an unexpected valley. The fact that our wines are located in a plot 1.000 meters above sea level gives them character.

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