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Location:  D.O. Ribera del Duero, Spain

Years ago it was just wishful thinking, a dream that over time turned into a project, as day by day it was given shape by the Basconcillos family. Today it is a reality with its small winery surrounded by 50 Has of vineyards, its VIÑA MAGNA brand performing excellently in the market and the promising future with the construction of a new winery. This is the short and intense story of Dominio Basconcillos.


From the beginning, Dominio Basconcillos was committed to quality, to that special way of doing things without hurrying and of taking care of the smallest details.

About Domino Basconcillos

And what better example to follow than the vines from which our wine is born, which need to be planted, shaped, cared for and pampered until it finally gives us its highly valued fruit.

As well as a commitment to quality, to details, our winery’s philosophy is to find the perfect balance between the wine-nature pair. To look for naturalness from the very beginning and work in an ideal environment, an ecological viticulture that respects the earth that gives us its fruits, which pampers the vines using manual labour and natural products. 

These carefully tended and selected grapes will then be processed in an ecological winery that brings together the aromas and the taste of our grapes with an ageing process that takes place in oak barrels specially selected to respect the fruitiness of our wines. We are pleased to offer a natural product.  Read on to learn more about the D.O. Ribera del Duero.

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