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Meet the Team

Larry Reiter - Founder & Business Development

Larry brings decades of industry experience in positions such as VP of Sales at Domaine Select Wine Estates, and 15 years with the Eber Brothers organization, including the last five years as General Manager at Paramount Brands Off-Premise Division in the NY Metro market.  Larry’s prior experience as the owner-operator of Topper’s Restaurant provided a foundation in food, wine, and spirits that allowed him to become a successful sales representative with Cazanovi-Opici when he sold his restaurant to allow time for his family.  A foodie with an orientation towards fresh, local products, Larry keeps in touch with current food and beverage trends.

Larry is an avid supporter of The Wounded Warrior Project. He also recently completed his second running marathon, is an avid skier, loves swimming, cycling, cooking, and growing vegetables for his family.

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