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Beyond Business as Usual

At Columbus Wine and Spirits we are committed to improving the communities we live and interact with, as well as keeping an eye on the greater global impact. Along with all of our team members being involved with various philanthropic organizations within their respective communities. Columbus Wine and Spirits is always trying to find and work with different means of outreach, whether it be at a national or local level. Below is a listed of previous and ongoing outreach programs that we are happy to have the opportunity to help support.
As a net zero carbon company, all of our products are low carbon impact products, LCIP,
thereby making an impact towards slowing global climate change. You, your accounts and 
their customers can all feel good about selecting LCIP to help lower your carbon footprint. 
We believe that going forward this will become a priority for many stores and restaurants as 
consumers demand a cleaner & greener environment. 
Please do not hesitate to reach out to to discuss Columbus Wine and Spirits potential involvement with your philanthropic organization. 

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