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Our mission is to provide independent distributors nationwide a portfolio of sustainably produced, high quality, distinctive yet value-driven, artisan wines and spirits while providing superior marketing and sales support.
The Columbus Difference

Our team of creative, market-driven personnel draws upon decades of experience in wholesale wine and spirit sales, restaurant and marketing experience, making Columbus Wine and Spirits the organization of choice for high quality/high value producers that may not have the staffing or resources to interface in multiple markets across the US. 

With an understanding that comes with years of experience, Columbus Wine and Spirits provides the kind of support that distributors can depend upon to help their sales excel.

Our evolving portfolio of distinctive producers spans the globe from Spain, France, and Portugal to California with a focus on bringing outstanding value and quality to the market. We keep a keen eye towards developing new markets for our producers and finding new gems to bring to our market.

All of our wines come from properties that reflect the soil and familial nature of the producers, whether abroad or state-side. You can rest assured that our producers represent the top tier of quality family estates in each region that they represent.

Our Distributors can be assured that the support we bring allows each producer to come to market at lower costs making them great values to their customers. 

Beyond Business As Usual
At Columbus Wine and Spirits we are comitted to improving the communities we live and interact with, as well as keeping an eye on the greater global impact. Along with all of our team members being involved with various philanthropic organizations within their respective communities, Columbus Wine and Spirits is always trying to find and work with different means of outreach, whether it be at a national or local level. 

As a net zero carbon company, all of our products are low carbon impact products, LCIP, thereby making an impact towards slowing global climate change. You, your accounts and their customers can all feel good about selection LCIP to help lower your carbon footprint. We believe that going forward this will become a priority for many stores and restaurants as consumers demand a cleaner & greener environment.

Reach out to to discuss Columbus Wine and Spirits potential involvement with your philanthropic organization.
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Our Team.

Columbus Wine and Spirits is a team of passionate individuals with knowledge and enthusiasm for the wine and spirits industry. Got what it takes to join the team? Send us your resume,

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