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Cuna de Reyes

D.O. Rioja, Spain

Founded in 1999 in the town of Najera (also known as King's Court), our winery was named Cuna de Reyes (Birthplace of the Kings) paying homage to this noble town. Our tradition, love for the earth and its most precious asset - the wine - comes from our ancestors. We continue the heritage of our forefathers through the quality of our wine-making knowledge.

The art of making great wine starts in the vineyards with the daily care of the vines. Careful selection of the fruit at harvest time, and its winemaking controlled process, followed by resting the barrels of noble wood and wine racks, delivering our well regarded wines. This is the same path our forefathers followed, now enhanced by leading edge technology.

We harvest our own grapes by La Rioja Alta, as well as those from contracted vintners in the area. We always care about quality of the fruit. The main grape variety used for our wines is Tempranillo, however, we also use Grenache and Mazuelo for red wines and Viura for whites.

Our Winemaker

Alfredo Ciria

Winemaker Alfredo Ciria oversees almost everything at Cuna de Reyes. He controls every aspect from fermentation temperature to bottle and label designs. As a grape grower, he loves to spend his time in the field, listening to heavy metal music on his tractor. Wine making runs deep within his family roots, with Alfredo's grandfather being a lifelong farmer and winemaker. When he is not showing visitors around the vineyard or blending wine, Alfredo loves to travel and go to the cinema with his wife and children.

Our Wines

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