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Wine with Spirit

Lisboa, Portugal

Wine with Spirit's portfolio has delicious, creative, authentic, and fun wines with a story to tell - easy to drink, emotionally compelling and of high quality. We select premium Portuguese grapes to design and produce wines that are intimately inspired by and for the people who taste it.


Wine with Spirit wines are designed up to the very last detail, from the vineyards straight to the hearts of those who drink it and will always be perfected to enhance peoples' emotions. Unlike other wine producers, we work our wines from the market to the vineyard, that is, we first identify consumer's needs in terms of consumption moments/emotions, and only after that, our winemaker, Pedro Sereno, takes that information into the vineyard in order to make high quality wines that meet the initial briefing (moments/emotions).

We don't produce wine just to go with meals, but we feed relationships with wine! At Wine with Spirit we believe that emotions are closely linked to wine and we know exactly how to nurture that relationship. We bottle emotions so that the experience of relishing and tasting these wines will be unforgettable. Together, we celebrate wine and life!


Our Winemakers

Pedro Sereno represents the new face of Tejo. He graduated in Agronomic Engineering with a specialization in Viticulture and Oenology from Instituto Superior de Agronomia in Lisbon. He finished the course in 2006 and quickly began to excel in the world of wine (and not only). In 2007 he won the prize of a young oenologist of the year by the Portuguese Oenology Association, the following year, the technician of the year award by the Portuguese Horticulture Association and, more recently, the oenologist award of the year 2014, for being the professional of the region that achieved the highest number of medals during that period. In Encosta do Sobral, family lands, he began to be responsible for viticulture under the guidance of Professor Carlos Lopes, from the Higher Institute of Agronomy. Only later did he become the oenologist responsible for the wines, director of production and, currently, with accumulated experience, is the property manager where he still continues to show that he knows how to make good wines.

Pedro Sereno Wine With Spirit

Our Wines

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